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CX LayoutTools Bundle

Boost your InDesign

Speed up your InDesign workflows and prevent errors in print documents with CX LayoutTools.

Windows / Mac  – InDesign 2021 – 2023

CX Overset

Find overset immediately

If text in your document is too long for a text box, it is immediately visibly highlighted. This way you avoid broken texts in your printed documents.

CX Image

No more pixelated images in prints

CX LayoutTools show you the actual resolution and scaling of each image in your document directly at the image. You can also set a minimum resolution. If it is not reached, the DPI display turns red.

CX Frames

Always see the sizes of picture frames

After you dragged a new picture frame, its measurements are displayed directly in the frame itself – without the hassle of searching through menus for information.

Additional Features

CX Lines

Contours across objects

This feature allows you to easily draw lines around objects to separate them. You can set distances and merge complex lines. This helps in the layout process and supports the design of your documents.

CX Units

Lines as a vertical unit of measurement

CX LayoutTools allows you to use lines as the unit of measurement in all input fields. This makes it easy to create text boxes that span a certain number of lines. The calculation of “lines” refers to the baseline grid defined in the InDesign document.

CX Text

Adjust text to a frame with one click

This function allows to fit text to an existing text frame if the text is too long and thus produces overset. If you have too little text to fill the frame, you can use this function as well, if an exact fill of the frame is desired.


How to improve your InDesign

In this video, we’ll showcase some of the key features of CX LayoutTools. 


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System requirements

We currently offer CX LayoutTools for InDesign 2021, 2022 and 2023. CX LayoutTools is compatible with macOS and Windows. All versions are included in the bundle when purchased.


The purchase of CX LayoutTools entitles you to install the plug-in on two computers. You can use CX LayoutTools for commercial and personal purposes. The software and its documentation are protected by copyright.


The introductory price of CX LayoutTools is currently 9,99 € (excluding VAT). There are no subscription costs.

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We sell our CX LayoutTools plugin via elopage, a reliable and user-friendly platform.

CX LayoutTools is also available on Adobe Exchange. Visit the Adobe Exchange Store.


ppi Media GmbH produces CX LayoutTools which integrates with Adobe InDesign. This website is managed by ppi Media GmbH, not Adobe.